Organised Chaos?

Perhaps just chaos.

I am both the most and least organised person I know. I love to plan, I plan things meticulously, I make a lot of lists, I love making lists, I have special pens and books just for making lists and lists and lists and I use them, I love stationery shopping as much as I love lists.

I never action a single thing on them.

Thinking about it, I suppose it links nicely into my first post, admitting my proclivity for procrastination. I make lists to avoid doing actual stuff.

I need to make models for cakes. I have a week in which to do this so usually I think about it for a couple of days, make a list 😀 then at the last minute panic that I’ve left it too late, that they won’t dry in time. This time was going to be different, I was going to be proactive and organised! Then I went to the ‘cake stuff’ drawers and boxes to make a start and realised that it wasn’t going to happen.

The last cakes I made were at Christmas. A Christmas tree for my friend Rachel and a 3 tier wedding cake for my cousin, and the wedding cake broke me. The wedding was a couple of days before Christmas, I was a bridesmaid, the kids flower girl and page boy. In between nativities and shopping and wrapping and trying to lose 4 stone in a week and all the other Christmassy and Weddingy prep, every cake/kitchen implement was used, washed and thrown in any bag/box/drawer in close proximity. I have no idea where anything is. This is a big job and it doesn’t even need a list.

I considered procrastinating, I put my coat on, deciding that the most important thing I could possibly be doing would be nipping out to buy a cake-pop maker…..In my coat pocket I found a Hello Kitty hair clip, a vet appointment card for cat #3, £2.22, a cyberman, a pair of socks and a Skylander (possibly Scorp)

Even my coat pocket is in chaos. Looks like it’s finally time to get sorted. After this episode of Storage Hunters…….IMG_20140110_094355



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