Inspiration in strange places

I’ve just been to Tesco. If you know me you’ll know that this is an utterly joyless experience for me. Not just Tesco, supermarkets in general. I get angry. In fact I get supermarket rage. I go from being the most mild-mannered, polite, quiet person in the world, terrified of confrontation to a sociopathic, hyper-emotional wreck. It starts in the car park and gets progressively worse. Think the frustrated psychosis of Michael Douglas in Falling Down combined with the incredulity of Edmund Blackadder as he attempts to deal with the idiocy surrounding him.

The saving grace here, is that our Tesco has those cool scan as you shop gizmos. They eliminate the stress of bag packing at a million miles an hour whilst trying not to lose the children (they never give you enough bags, you ask for more and are greeted with a steely look like you just kicked a puppy), no price on the shelf? No problem, scan the barcode! No massive over-spend, they are awesome.

Anyway, the point of this post is that there is a nice man who works on the scan as you shop check-out, approving alcohol purchases (I speak to him often, probably due to this…) and generally overseeing things. I think his name is Jon. He’s brilliant with all the customers, especially the kids and always smiling and chatty. Today he told me someone should make cupcakes involving either Starburst (they’ll always be Opal Fruits to me) or Fruit Pastilles, so my next experiment will be this, and for his fab customer service, often in the face of extreme ignorance and rudeness (yes, I spent many years working in retail), Jon will be the chief taster. Let’s hope they’re good 🙂



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