Spots and Stripes

This week I am going to experiment with polka dots and rainbow layers, let’s make cake pretty on the inside too!

Firstly it occurred to me that to successfully colour cake it probably needs to be white, or at least very light in colour, and so the descent into disaster began….

In America they have white cake. Based on this I decided to use an American recipe, convert quantities, simple. Or not, because apparently they have something called cake flour too, it’s a magical substance ground by unicorns at the end of the rainbow that makes this recipe work and you cannot make it at home by mixing other bits of stuff together, no matter what the internet says.

Mix looked awesome!

IMG_20140120_141938         IMG_20140120_142022

I was so happy! Look at the colours!!!!!  You don’t get them using yellowy normal cake mix. Smug feeling lasted 10 minutes, ended abruptly when I removed rubber bullets from the oven 😦

DSC_0341  Failed to rise, but morphed into the texture of a squash ball :/

What  I am going to say next will make some people very cross. I have nothing against packet cake mix. Controversial! Granted, most of it is rubbish but I have a guilty love for one of the chocolate Betty Crocker ones, based on this I’m ordering her white cake mix from The States and I SHALL have vibrantly coloured spots and stripes. Watch this space 🙂 x


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