Time for a catch up

Well, it’s been a bit quiet around here lately! Since the summer hoildays are now over I can start messing about in the kitchen again.

First off, since I last saw you, my spots and stripes cakes actually worked! I didn’t even use packet ‘White Cake’ mix! I did a two tier cake for The Princess’ birthday party. The frightening part of this is that you don’t know if it has worked until the cakes are cut…. In front of all their friends….. And their Mothers…. And my Mother.

photovisi-downloadI fell in love with the idea of her party being very girly, she wanted a bit of a My Little Pony theme and lots of sweets and cake! We went all old skool and had it at home so I could do a bit of decoration the night before (and relax with a glass of wine during). My Mum and Auntie helped with food and traditional party games and the party lasted well into the evening after the younger guests had gone home 😉



So, I have conquered the polka dot cake and the rainbow cake, and discovered that covering an 8″ high cake in sprinkles makes exactly as much mess as you would imagine, maybe more, and the best bit? She loved it ❤





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