It’s a good time to be a child in the North West….

This week I am very extremely excited. I have a beautiful cupcake bouquet and an 18th birthday cake to make, but even more sensational is the arrival of our tickets to The Lost Carnival and confirmation of tickets to the Just So Festival.

I often complain that whilst we live in a beautiful area, we tend to miss out on a lot of big events for families. I always fancied Lollibop but the experience of traveling to London on a train and attempting to negotiate the city with two small humans is not one that I’m in a hurry to repeat (did it once, a private red bus tour of London and party at the Rainforest Cafe for competition winners, fabulous but difficult). Kendall Calling is firmly on the list of things to attend but I definitely need to save up to afford that one (been saying that for the last 3 years, see a previous blog about procrastination…)

Well, apparently I was wrong. (It happens, just nobody tell Dan I admitted it)

This year I stumbled across this website by accident and in less than a minute I was completely committed to attending at least The Lost Carnival. I love everything about it, the whole idea is completely magical and the podcast build up is genius. T is thrilled at the opportunity to dress up, he wants to be a sort of steampunk ringmaster (or that’s what I’ve gathered from his detailed costume requirements), as long as he has his top hat with a golden feather I think he’ll be happy! The Girl is a little thrown by the mystery surrounding it, whilst T is embracing it and trying to work out clues, Iz is slightly apprehensive, I bought her peacock feathers and a load of tulle for a costume, in my experience as her mother, feathers, fabric and glitter pretty much make everything OK.

The Just So Festival looks incredible, really regretting only having day tickets rather than weekend, there is so much to see and do there! I look forward to reporting back in full in August, including whether T got his way and I gave our day tickets to friends and got weekend camping tickets instead……

The only other decision to make is can we afford Geronimo at Tatton Park too? Oh, and who to invite to our own Big Wild Rumpus to celebrate Where The Wild Things Are on June 13th, get involved!

Music, dancing, interactive theatre, performers, mystery, sequins and apparently there’s beer for me too!

It’s definitely a good time to be a child in the North West.


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