Organised Chaos?

Perhaps just chaos.

I am both the most and least organised person I know. I love to plan, I plan things meticulously, I make a lot of lists, I love making lists, I have special pens and books just for making lists and lists and lists and I use them, I love stationery shopping as much as I love lists.

I never action a single thing on them.

Thinking about it, I suppose it links nicely into my first post, admitting my proclivity for procrastination. I make lists to avoid doing actual stuff.

I need to make models for cakes. I have a week in which to do this so usually I think about it for a couple of days, make a list 😀 then at the last minute panic that I’ve left it too late, that they won’t dry in time. This time was going to be different, I was going to be proactive and organised! Then I went to the ‘cake stuff’ drawers and boxes to make a start and realised that it wasn’t going to happen.

The last cakes I made were at Christmas. A Christmas tree for my friend Rachel and a 3 tier wedding cake for my cousin, and the wedding cake broke me. The wedding was a couple of days before Christmas, I was a bridesmaid, the kids flower girl and page boy. In between nativities and shopping and wrapping and trying to lose 4 stone in a week and all the other Christmassy and Weddingy prep, every cake/kitchen implement was used, washed and thrown in any bag/box/drawer in close proximity. I have no idea where anything is. This is a big job and it doesn’t even need a list.

I considered procrastinating, I put my coat on, deciding that the most important thing I could possibly be doing would be nipping out to buy a cake-pop maker…..In my coat pocket I found a Hello Kitty hair clip, a vet appointment card for cat #3, £2.22, a cyberman, a pair of socks and a Skylander (possibly Scorp)

Even my coat pocket is in chaos. Looks like it’s finally time to get sorted. After this episode of Storage Hunters…….IMG_20140110_094355



The first post or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Social Media

So, I started with a bit of a lie.

I already love social media, I enjoy stalking my friends on Facebook and following ridiculous celebrity fights on Twitter, I am, however, scared by the mean people of the internet, the trolls, the bullies, of which there are millions.

I zipped on my man suit recently and made a Facebook page for my cake experiments and its been a positive experience so far, although the page description is ‘personal blog’ which, frankly it’s not, more a series of photos and no real writing, so here’s the bloggy bit 🙂

This is where I can bore you with step-by-step photographic guides to cakey triumphs and failures, and probably a load of rubbish about how amazing/annoying/clever/devious the small humans (Tommy and Iz) and the kitties (Loki, Shedsy and Penny) are being.

So, introductions of key players complete, I’m off to make some models for next weeks cakes. Probably. I’ll have a coffee and watch 10 minutes of Jeremy Kyle first. Maybe make some toast. Lesson 1 about me, procrastinator extraordinaire. Image